Dubai’s Commercial Properties & Land for Sale in Dubai

Dubai’s Commercial Properties & Land for Sale in Dubai

Azur Properties has a professionally skilled team in commercial property estate that provides management services to investors, tailored investment, agency, transaction, developers, owners, and other users of commercial properties all across the Middle East real estate market.

  1. Commercial Agency:

We deal with both the profiles national and international tenants with private as well as institutional landlords. Our team of the commercial agency has procurement and demolishing of corporate real estate space all around the Middle East.

  1. Tenant And Landlord:

Azur Properties also provides experienced advice to collaborate with clients. And permissive those to use maximize numbers of their property holdings and restructure them if necessary.

  1. Tenant Representation:

If someone is searching for a rented office, we provide them a piece of tailored lease advice that helps to reduce overheads, improve your operations and also maximize the return on their investment. We work in a proper partnership between you and your requirements of commercial property, providing the best advice, reviewing, understand your ambitions and product. We work on a single contact to ensure the smooth communication between both the real estate owners and tenants.

  1. Industrial And Logistics:

Our industrial and logistics team works on a particular understanding of free zone and industrial regional areas and provides exceptional advice. We are authorized and trusted to all the local and international developers, who invest across The Middle East.

  1. Retail:

We are selected by developers, investors, and retailers, who work on global brands and are retail landlords. We provide foregather and our expertise in financial returns, minimize operating costs, strike on the best opportunity, and add value to anything if needed.


How Azur Properties Works For You:

We help you to find your commercial property space with leasing requirements, we execute as tenant representation agents, who provide the following services:

  • The engaging landlord in market research.
  • Planning strategies and providing marketing consultation.
  • Analyzing the full market and shortlisting buildings.
  • Searching commercial properties for rent.
  • Renting reviews.
  • Commercial property assessment for financial assessment and estimate the market opportunities.
  • Planning space, construction, fit-out, and relocation.
  • Representation of tenant.


Global Corporate Services:

Global Corporate Services provides the best team that works on the strategic consulting, transaction, lease administration, facility management services and real estate to the organization which requires globally commercial real estate coordinated services.

Our commercial real estate team includes experts from all the sides of real estate, IT consultants and process specialists. Our team also ensure steady governance, excellent implementation to distribute an optimized, plans details, runs portfolio skillfully.

We help our clients at each step of occupying and owning any commercial property, from designs to planning construction. Manage cost effecting of the property, reducing the expansion. We also provide fully and partially outsourcing to the organization, and also who deals with real estate, analyze and plan various aspects regarding the portfolio which includes:

  • Consulting Strategies.
  • Leasing administration.
  • Managing Transaction.
  • Strategies for the portfolio.
  • Analyzing portfolio and its benchmarking.
  • Consulting workplace and solution for workflow.
  • Strategies for location and their optimizations.
  • Managing account and transition.
  • To Manage project and programs.
  • Managing properties and their facilities.
  • Professional consulting that includes technical surveys, valuation, capital allowances, and building consultancy.
  • Consulting sustainability.
  • Obtaining real estate advice and mergers.
  • Market research and analysis.


Building Relations:

Authentic valuations have demand in today’s property market which is continuously growing on the basis of acquiring strategies, successful sales and mostly return in investment. It is very important to access defined information, self-sufficient advice just to make a wise decision.


Advisory Services:

Our advisory team provides a comprehensive valuation of commercial, residential and advisory services all around the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. Represent one of the highest-profile national valuation practices and



Our team adopt processes of approval, determined to report and increases the abilities to sketch the resources which are easily available with the global network of research analysts, industry specialists provide real value in our client except just simply reporting it.



In research, but we work on both financial and property expertise with accurate timing, significant valuation information. Provides local market information, depth of knowledge of residential and commercial markets. We generate reports on market insight and regular research that determine real market knowledge.



Azur Properties act on the recommendation of developers, international financial institutions, corporations, investment funds and private. The estimate of the assignments includes a single unit as well as portfolio valuations of residential and commercial properties. These reports have higher standards that include this expertise, which is as follows:

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Retails
  • Development
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare and educational
  • Leisure and hospitality

Our network provides independent valuations which include:

  • Unit pricing
  • Corporate recovery
  • Loan security
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Sales and acquisitions
  • Flotations and secularization
  • Takeovers and mergers
  • Year-end accounts and cash flow analysis
  • Management buy-outs
  • Insurance valuations
  • Litigation and compensation


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