Buying / Investment Off-plan property or a new build home in Dubai

The most common question that always arises in everyone’s mind when they want to invest in Dubai Property, “what is the most important information and the process you should know before Buying Off-plan properties in Dubai?” What are the advantage and disadvantages of investing in Homes for sale in Dubai?

As we all know investing in Properties for sale in Dubai is the most expensive and valuable decision. To understand whether buying a property in Dubai is a good investment or not, I would suggest you to know more about the fundamental reasons for investing in.

Here are some key patterns or points that you can follow for better decision making at the time of investing in property in Dubai.


  1. Freehold Area and Leasehold Area in Dubai

Investment in property in Dubai or anywhere in the world is an important decision. According to update law, Dubai Government allowed foreign investors the right to buy leasehold property in Dubai back in 2001. Some areas have been given the authorization of freehold land which simply implies that anyone from any part of the world can buy Properties for Rent in Dubai and Properties for Sale in Dubai in those areas.These are the most important areas for foreign investors who are willing to buy freehold property in most parts of Dubai, including Al Barsha, Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina, and Palm Jumeira. There are numerous leasehold areas in Dubai like Discovery Garden, Deera, Jumeirah, and many others.  So, as a buyer, you need to verify first the area of your planned property if it’s a freehold or leasehold area.


  1. Real estate finance in Dubai

There is a vital point you need to understand before buying a Luxury Apartment for Sale in Dubai is the real estate finance system in Dubai. Financing assistance for the property investors is available, however, it’s bound only on banks and companies sanctioned by the United Arab Emirates Central Bank. Most house loans in Dubai are offered at a rate varying within 3% to 4%. To get a contract, the lender needs to check investor eligibility in order to check his monetary capability of repaying back the money. It is examined by a number of factors like; the minimum pay, the minimum period of service, the organization or company where the buyer works for, and several others.


3.Reason for Investment

This is the fundamental aspect for you to know before buying a Furnished Apartment for Sale in Dubai.  If you are looking for financing, then you should consult your agent as there are specific areas considered to be accurate for investment in the Furnished Apartment for Sale in Dubai. They are defined by high rental prices, high capital growth rates per year, and they are surrounded by many facilities and commercial centers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a Homes for Sale in Dubai to live and settle in Dubai. Then you ought to look for suitable areas perfect for you and your family’s demands. Firstly, you should check the locations of the garden, hospitals, schools, recreational clubs, malls or shops, and many others.



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